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Discover Dominica Authority is searching for the VOICE of NIC 2013.

One lucky person will have the opportunity to voice DDA's Nature Island Challenge 30 minute Television Show to be aired in the coming months.

Compensation to be negotiated. See instructions below.



1. Choose your favorite sound recorder. (Microsoft has a free sound recorder available on your pc. Simply search for "Sound recorder" on your pc.)

2. Start Recording.

3. Read the script below using the appropriate tone and enthusiasm.

4. Save voice record to pc and upload to our Hightail dropbox with subject , "Nature Island Challenge - Voice Talent Search".

5. Deadline for Entry Monday July 29th 2013

The Script:

The Nature Island Challenge is an invitational endurance race on the Caribbean island of Dominica.  The unique team race experience combines a 4 day stage race with adventure and cultural challenges.  Racers will experience not only a once in a lifetime trail race through the coasts, farms, and jungles of Dominica, but also the island culture throughout the race week. 

The Nature Island Challenge will be scored based on a points system based on performance each day.  The Trail race will award 50 pts. for 1st, 40 pts. for 2nd, 30 pts. for 3rd, and 20 pts. for 4th.  There will be  Mini-Challenges each day with teams receiving 5 pts for completing the challenge successfully.  .  After the conclusion of the Trail Run and Challenges, there will also be a Major Challenge each day, with the winning team taking 25 pts.

Each team is comprised of four racers.  Team USA, Team Antigua-Barbuda, Team Trinidad & Tobago 1 and Team Trinidad & Tobago 2.  Each day, two teammates are required to compete in the trail run portion of the competition while the remaining two teammates will participate in a support role. All four racers will participate in the Major Challenge at the end of each day’s race. 

The race takes place predominantly on the Waitukubuli National Trail. This trail covers 115 miles, spanning the full length of Dominica. From Scotts Head in the south to Capuchin in the north, the course winds its way from one end of Dominica to the other.



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