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Crater’s Edge (Difficult)

Crater’s  Edge (Difficult)

Continuing northwest from Scott's Head Pinnacle there is a volcanic ridge that leads out to Crater's Edge. This site is guaranteed to please. There are masses of black jack, bar jacks, rainbow runners, tuna, yellowtail snapper and cero, all pursuing schools of baitfish who dart back and forth in a futile attempt to escape their hunters. If you can peel your eyes from this frantic activity and look toward the pinnacle you will see waterfalls of Creole wrasse and brown and blue chromis. Behind all this activity is a spectacular wall covered in colorful sponges and giant barrel sponges. It is not uncommon to be followed by one or two giant barracuda escorting you from the area. The Crater's Edge Pinnacle can easily be circumnavigated during a single dive, or one could follow the volcanic ridge towards Scott's Head Pinnacle.