Day Trips : Discover Dominica, the Nature Island
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When you spend the day on Dominica, you quickly realize that it's unlike any other island in the Caribbean. Whether you're up for an eco-adventure into the rainforest or taking in the vibrant culture of the city of Roseau, Dominica will make a lasting impression upon you. It's nature unspoiled. Authentic and friendly people who may say to you "I am Dominica. Are You?"


Known as "The Nature Island," Dominica's tropical rainforests cover two thirds of the island, and are home to 1,200 plant species. Rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls abound, fed by the island's high annual rainfall. Its volcanic physique includes extensive geothermal activity – even underwater. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park with its unspoiled nature and spectacular geography is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean.


The island is sparsely populated with 70,000 people inhabiting 289 square miles. A significant portion of the population lives in and around the capital city of Roseau. About 80% of the population is Roman Catholic, and English is the official language, spoken with a melodic French lilt. A large portion of the population also speaks Kwèyòl (Creole), and a few northern villages speak Kokoy.


So many choices, so little time. Here is listing to help you decide how to make the most of your Dominica visit:

Simplify your Search
Adventure Park
Get up close and personal with the rainforest on a tree-high adventure. Immersing yourself in Dominica’s unique canopy adventure experience is like landing a TV cameo on “Survivor.” Fully equipped with safety gear and accompanied by trained gu...
Botanical Gardens
The largest area of green space within the City of Roseau, this 40 acre oasis is home to over 50 types of indigenous plants and imported trees as well as the Sisserou Parrot, the National Bird of Dominica. Notable visits include Queen Elizabeth II in...
Cabrits National Park

Cabrits National Park occupies 1,313 acres and protects tropical forests, coral reefs and wetlands. It is located on a scenic peninsula on the north end of the island, just beyond the town of Portsmouth.

While you're there, make sure to visit Fort Shirley, the British garrison which once housed 600 soldiers.

Wherever rock meets water, canyoning uses the natural environment as an adventure water park. In Dominica that means venturing into the heart of the rainforest. Climb waterfalls, swim through blue pools, hike across riverbeds, repel down rock ...
Champagne Reef
  Champagne reef is one of Dominica's "signature" dive sites. Shallow enough to be enjoyed by snorkelers and scuba divers alike, the water temperature over the vents found throughout the reef can reach 90 degrees, making the sea floor warm to t...
Emerald Pool
This wonderful waterfall grotto is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Morne Trois Piton National Park. An easy 30-minute hike takes you through magnificent overhanging trees and lush vegetation to the shimmering pool, which appears green i...
Indian River Tours
Be transported in minutes from the urban environment of the town of Portsmouth to the warm embrace of nature by taking a tour up the scenic Indian River. Experienced boatmen in hand-oared river boats will take you up slow-moving river at a leisurely...
Kalinago Territory
The Carib Indians, Dominica's indigenous people, live on a 3,700 acre Territory on the east coast of the island. With a visit here, you will experience their ancestral roots through their crafts, canoe building and traditional culinary activities. ...
Middleham Falls
An hour and half "intermediate" hike will lead you into the heart of the rainforest of the Morne Trois Piton National Park. There you will find a fascinating variety of trees, plants and shrubs. With a view of the falls in the distance, you will fee...
Dominica's capital of Roseau (pronounced "roze-o"), is a densely populated market town of 20,000 where an assortment of modern buildings and pretty stone and Victorian houses line the streets, beneath the backdrop of Dominica's lush green mountains. ...
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Important Things to Know


  • Use Certified Taxi Drivers for a true Dominica Experience! A Certified Taxi Driver carries a VALID ID card and the vehicle bears a sticker issued by the Discover Dominica Authority.

  • Site passes are required for some sites. Passes are available from cruise agents, tour operators, National Park Officials, vendors at the sites and other locations island wide. Day passes are US $ 5 and a week pass is US $ 12.

  • Currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollars. US $ 1 dollar is equivalent to EC 2.67. The US dollar is widely accepted across the island.

  • Driving is on the left side of the road.